Wetherby Building Systems, Silicone & Acrylic Render

As a major property construction, maintenance and refurbishment company, Hillier Marsden is pleased to be associated with Wetherby Building Systems. Wetherby Systems are a leading UK manufacturer of high quality silicone, acrylic and other insulating renders, as well as polymer cement renders, silicone and mineral renders, and brick slip systems. All products which are becoming progressively sought after by maintenance companies and building contractors to meet the UK government’s drive to a cleaner greener more energy efficient Britain.

Wetherby’s Acrylic Render System

Is your project a new build, commercial or domestic upgrade or refurbishment? Acrylic renders are becoming increasingly popular not just as a finishing coat where external insulation projects are being undertaken, but across a range of different render only systems. Far stronger and with higher water resistance than traditional renders, acrylic render can be applied to a variety of bases such as brick, blocks, concrete and concrete panelling.

These high quality premixed renders have a massive pigmented colour range and a variety of different finishes depending on particle size. Flexible and with excellent UV resistance, they provide a seamless high quality uniform finish to the dullest of properties.

Wetherby’s Silicone Render System

The silicone render system has all the same properties, variety of colours and range of textured finishes as acrylic. A product which is flexible, crack resistant, and fully breathable it has excellent resistance to sunlight colour fading, moisture and atmospheric pollution, providing a long-term finish which has low maintenance requirements.

Property Maintenance and Refurbishment

If you’re looking for superior, high quality and low maintenance external wall coatings to revamp the exterior of your buildings, then a silicone or acrylic render finish could be the answer. Please contact us on: 01256 769429. We have been developing and refurbishing the interiors and exteriors of properties across the south of England for many years. Our expertise covers all areas of internal and external wall insulation systems as well as traditional forms of render applications.

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