Stair Winders

Unless you live in a property where the stairs go straight from the floor to a first floor landing at the top, you will have at least one set of stair winders. The stair winders are those one, two or three steps which are wider on one side than the other, and change the direction of your staircase. In a spiral staircase, each riser is a stair winder, narrower at one side to maintain the curve as the stairway rises to the top.

Stair Winder Design

Where wooden staircases and stair winders used to be the norm, with improved construction techniques and material improvements, all stainless steel and all glass staircases and stair winders are gaining in popularity. In the home and in modern office complexes where people want maximum natural light, open-plan stairways are increasingly being installed.

Whether a modern spiral staircase, or a staircase with stair winders constructed during a loft conversion, while it may appear an attractive job from the top - underneath the staircase might not be such a pretty sight - especially where a number of stair winders are involved.

Plastering Under Stair Winders

Disguising the ugliness underneath a staircase, especially when a large number of stair winders have been included, is a job which usually falls to highly skilled plasterers with years of experience of plastering under stair winders. Using a mix of materials from wire mesh to plasterboard and plaster, they have to fill and mould the structure, so the finished project blends seamlessly with the lines and curves of the staircase.

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Stair winder design and plastering

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