Plasterboarding (ceilings & walls)

Although plasterboard ceiling installation has been used in the building industry for almost 150 years, it was only back in the mid 1950s, with the increased use of non-load bearing stud walls, that it became a favoured method of wall covering in the UK. Nowadays plasterboard is available under a number of different names such as drywall, wallboard, gypsum board and sheet rock.

Plasterboard Fitters

With the increase in building regulations over the last 70 plus years, plasterboard use has become even more popular. Using different raw materials in board manufacture, plasterboard installation can include increased sound and thermal insulation, prevent the ingress of damp or moisture, and improve a room or building’s fire resistance. Traditional plastering still plays a large part in building construction, either where dry lining is not recommended, or on client instructions. That said, plasterboard can be fixed to almost all forms of wall, room partitions and ceilings, and is the fastest and more cost-effective method of wall covering.

Installing Plasterboard on Walls

Dry lining can be undertaken on brick, concrete and timber stud walls. On brick or concrete, thin wood or metal strips are fixed vertically and horizontally to the brickwork, much as you would build a timber stud wall. Having been measured and cut, the boards are then screwed to the framework with the white side facing outward. The thin gap between wall and board provides improved ventilation and reduces the risk of damp or moisture producing mould. Board joints can then be taped, or the whole given a skim of finishing plaster prior to decoration.

Ceiling Plasterboard Installation

When adding a ceiling plasterboard installation, the process is similar. Depending on the type and condition of the ceiling, the existing may need to be removed, and boards fitted directly to the timber ceiling beams. If the ceiling is concrete, then a metal ceiling grids are normally added prior to board fixing. The whole is then taped or skimmed ready for final decoration.

Dry Lining by Hillier Marsden

Dry lining can be undertaken using a couple of different systems depending on the wall type and client preferences. Hillier Marsden has many years experience in all forms of dry lining as well as traditional plastering. Our quotes are transparent and easy to understand. If you are planning a new build, extension, or property refurbishment please contact us on 01256 769429. We are happy to discuss the project and will be pleased to provide a highly competitive quote.

Plasterboard Fitters

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