Suspended Ceilings Surrey

We install suspended ceilings across Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex. A suspended ceiling (sometimes called a dropped ceiling) is effectively a second, lower, ceiling in a property. Typically they are installed by hanging a metal grid from the original ceiling; tiles are slotted into this grid to create the new ceiling.

So why are suspended ceilings so popular? “The main advantages of a suspended ceiling are that they cover up wires, ductwork, old rafters or metal work,” says Steve. “They also improve sound in a building and they can accommodate heating and lighting easily.”

A suspended ceiling can:

Reduce noise pollution – simply putting in a suspended ceiling will reduce noise from above slightly, but you can also choose tiles with a good DB (decibel) level for extra soundproofing. Sound proofing insulation, known as sound attenuation batts can also be installed in the cavity above the suspended ceiling to cut out noise from above.

Resist humidity and bacteria – if you need to install a suspended ceiling in a humid environment like a kitchen, then you should use humidity resistant tiles. Suspended ceilings are popular in hospitals. They use special anti-microbial tiles which have a special coating on them to combat infections and stop bacteria and mould from growing

suspended ceiling

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