3mm Skim Plaster Finish

There are few trades that have stood the test of time like plastering. The earliest records of a plaster skim finish go back as far as 7500 BC. and were found in the Middle East. Although materials have improved, how a plaster skim is applied today is similar to how it was applied all those years ago.

At Hillier Marsden we can not boast of having been around that long. We can however boast of having years of management experience in the preparation and application of all types of plastering in a large range of residential and new build properties.

What is a Plaster Skim Coat?

Plaster skimming is the application of a 3mm thick layer of finishing plaster. A plaster skim finish is a fast and effective way to hide those hairline cracks and dents so many walls acquire over years of abuse from growing families, pets, and the general ravages of time. During property upgrading, a plaster skim finish over otherwise sound existing walls is an effective way to hide those unsightly blemishes and prepare the room for final painting or papering.

In new home extensions and major property refurbishments walls are often constructed using a timber framework. Plasterboards are nailed or screwed on both sides and the interior filled with sound or heat insulation materials. A plaster skim finish is then applied to all boarding to provide a smooth seamless surface ready for decoration.

A Professional Plaster Skim Coat

Plastering of all types is a highly specialised trade which should be carried out by highly trained professionals. Skimming is a plastering technique, and it is the skill of the tradesman that produces that smooth, flat and level surface for the decorators to work on. At Hillier Marsden of Farnham Surrey, our plastering gangs are the backbone of our business. Our senior site plasterers have many years’ experience returning the inside of properties of all types to their former glory.

If you feel we could be of assistance on an upcoming project, or just wish the find out more about using a plaster skim finish, please contact us on 01256 769429 and speak to one of our building representatives.

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