Metal Stud Partition

It was not too long ago that everything ‘office’ had to be open plan. Then, a few years later, designers and companies began to realise that one size did not fit all. While open plan might work well where brainstorming and community creativity produced the goods, in other commercial and industrial industries, smaller, more private working areas were needed to keep productivity at its peak. Enter metal stud partitioning!

Metal stud partitioning is an effective, practical and efficient method of breaking up large areas of residential space into smaller, more intimate working or living areas. In today’s world of energy saving eco-friendly everything, metal stud partitioning is taking over from the traditional blocks and mortar or timber stud dividers.

What Are Metal Stud Partitions?

Metal stud partitioning is made up of high strength, lightweight steel tracks fixed to the floor and ceiling, and vertically from ceiling to floor. Easily fitted to timber or concrete floors and ceilings, it provides a high strength robust, (to BS 5234), non load bearing divider, while still allowing for deflection at head. With the partitioning in place, stud options for sound reduction, heat retention, fire resistance, moisture or impact resistance can be added.

Benefits Of Metal Stud Wall And Ceiling Partitioning:

  • Lightweight.
  • Range of framing options to match performance requirements, stud widths @ 48,60,70,92 and 146mm. Floor & Ceiling Channel widths @ 50,62,72,94 and 148mm.
  • Accommodates services within stud cavity.
  • Satisfies strength and robustness requirements of BS 5234 (up to severe duty)
  • 30 – 120 minutes fire resistance.
  • Capable of achieving high levels of sound insulation.
  • Can allow for deflection at head.
  • Versatile and quick to install.

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