What is dot and dab?

Dot and dab applications involves dabbing dots of plasterboard adhesive directly onto the wall, and then pushing the plasterboard sheet to the adhesive and allowing it to set. While traditional plastering may take days to fully prepare for the decorating stage, dot and dab boarding is ready for a skim of finishing plaster or to be decorated in a matter of hours.

Dot and Dab Boarding

There are a number of advantages to the dot and dab plasterboard system. The obvious advantages of dot and dab is speed of application. But improved levels of sound dampening, thermal insulation, damp proofing, moisture resistance, and fire retardation can all be gained using different types of dot and dab plasterboard.

The Dot and Dab Finish

With plasterboard fixed in place the finish can be applied within a short time frame. Dot and dab linings can be skimmed with plaster, painted or wallpapered. If the wall is to be wallpapered, a couple of coats of drywall primer should be applied before papering, to avoid major problems should the wallpaper need to be removed at a later date.

High Quality Dot and Dab Installations from The Experts

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dot and dab

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