Coffered Ceiling Installations In Hampshire

When it comes to decorating, ceilings are probably one of the most neglected surfaces of a room. While large amounts of time are spent planning how walls, floors, alcoves, doors and skirting are going to look, the ceiling is reduced to a quick lick of emulsion and a change of light fittings. One of the most difficult aspects of decorating is making a plain square or rectangular room interesting.

Coffered ceiling installations can do just that, and give the room some extra oomph and character. Coffering is the art of adding a series of sunken or recessed panels, usually square, rectangular or octagonal, into the ceiling. Originally produced using timber beams, coffered ceilings today are also constructed using plaster and fibreglass mouldings.

Coffered Ceiling Installation

You may think a coffered ceiling installation is just for those grand high-ceiling Victorian houses of 19th century London, country stately homes or high end hotels. Nothing could be further from the truth. A coffered ceiling installation can be carried out in almost any room of a house. In its most basic form, a coffered ceiling installation is a grid of beams fixed to the original ceiling, giving the impression of recessed panels. It can however be far more intricate, depending on the size of room and project requirements.

Coffered Ceiling Advantages

It is often thought coffered ceilings will make a room look smaller. In fact a professionally designed and decorated coffered ceiling can provide an illusion of greater space. With a coffered ceiling, lighting options are increased. Recessed lights can be fitted in beams or recesses, or pendant lights suspended from a coffered ceiling rose.

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coffered ceiling installation

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