Acoustic Insulation

Excess noise from neighbours or outside influences such as railways or road transport can, over the long term, have a detrimental effect on health.

Since 2003 under UK building regulations, it has been a legal requirement to have a building’s acoustic insulation installation tested. Both new builds, and properties which have undergone change of use to residential, are tested to ensure they meet Document E 2003 and amendments on the level of sound reduction achieved using acoustic insulation.

Noise generally falls into two categories. Airborne noise comes from the likes of conversations and televisions within a property, or traffic and other sounds from outside a property. The second is vibration noise, sound travelling through a structure from footsteps or humming office, hospital or school machinery.

Home soundproofing

Home acoustic insulation can be achieved in a number of ways depending on the level of noise, and where it emanates from. High external noise can be reduced using specialist noise absorbing mineral wools packed into wall cavities, and internal walls cladded with sound absorbing insulation panels. To reduce internal noise, partitioning stud walls can be filled with sound damping mineral wools and the sides and ceiling cladded with sound insulation plasterboard. Using different types of acoustic insulation materials will provide a higher level of insulation than using a single product.

Acoustic Insulation Installation

If you are serious about effective sound insulation in your home or office, then engage the services of a sound proofing specialist. Just like waterproofing a roof, no matter how well sealed 99% of the roof is, if 1% allows water in, the job is effectively useless. Likewise with sound, if small gaps are missed the noise will channel itself through them.

Hillier Marsden have years of experience fitting sound insulation products to bring both new builds and older properties up to, and above, the legal requirements for sound insulation in the UK. If you have a home or office which requires some serious sound insulation, please call us today, and have a chat with one of our friendly managers.

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